Case Study: How Krost using Infrastructure as code simplified scalability in AWS

DNX is all about helping our customers to leverage effective scalability, security and zero downtime deployments

About Krost

Krost is an office furniture store that started selling office furniture back in the ’30s. Their 3 key ideals remain since then: principles of offering the best service, providing the highest quality products and selling at a fair price.

The Challenge

Krost used to run their application, including their online store, in AWS using a traditional LAMP web service stack (Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system and the PHP programming language). That stack was provisioned in a traditional way on AWS and the solution was not using AWS AutoscalingGroups, the application suffered some spikes on Memory and CPU causing manual intervention on the stack.

DNX Proposed Solution

The proposed DNX solution for this scenario is to transform the application and leverage Docker containers in AWS ECS for immutability and build CI/CD Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) applying blue and green deployment strategy. The objective is to deliver continuity and scalability and facilitate the promotion of new features using CI/CD pipelines, the solution was based on AWS Elastic Container Service and scalable using Spot Instances that also saves in computing costs.

The project

The project had 3 phases, in the first phase the DNX engineers build from the ground up a well-architected AWS foundation where the customer could leverage security and elasticity aspects, essentials to achieve zero-downtime deployment and CI/CD strategy.

  • Application build
  • Application Docker Build and Push to ECR
  • Application ECS Blue-Green Deployment using AWS Code Deploy
  • Automatic deploy to staging
  • Automatic deploy to production with manual approval
  • Applications transformed and migrated to the new platform
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • AWS Knowledge transfer by DNX’s AWS-Certified professionals


Applying DNX purposed solution, Krost could effectively experience elasticity of AWS cloud and achieve a robust and reliable deployment, eliminating the mentioned memory spikes and need of manual intervention on the stack. Also, with better performance and resilience, Krost application team are much more confident to roll out new features to the business.

Cloud Engineer

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