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Case Study: Applying modern DevOps concepts on AWS

About Law of the Jungle

The Business Challenge

To achieve it, DNX Solutions was engaged by LOTJ to support these challenges. Together was decided to push immutability concepts on a new AWS platform which uses Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) process improving knowledge and information management. To build a demonstration environment for potential LOTJ’ customers will enable the sales team to reach out to more people.

DNX Solution

Our solution for this scenario is to modernise the current java microservices leveraging Docker containers and orchestrate them using AWS Elastic Container Service clusters.

Focused on reduce configuration management, the applications were modernised applying 12-factor concepts, also improving the continuous deployment by using environment variables stored in SSM Parameter Stores. The ECS Service uses task definitions, it is a powerful tool to achieve immutability and run multiples containers across the cluster instances sharing the same file system, where EFS have mount targets across the different availability zones.

The project

AWS Well-Architect Framework pillars

You can check more details about our AWS Platform solution on this link.

Once we have the terrain prepared we start the modernisation phase, where DNX team prepare the microservices to the new cloud environment. With immutable concepts applied since the building stage into the Bitbucket pipelines to the applications production stage in AWS, the configuration management is eliminated. There is no need to access production or staging servers once they are up and running and if an exceptional need appears, the connection is secured executed by SSM Session manager as every EC2 instance has its agent installed.

It is important to mention that DNX uses spot instances for the ECS cluster, generating 70% cost reduction on average. Also, our solution implements a well-architected account topology in AWS. Where Law fo the Jungle can have testing and development environments identical to production with reduced or similar compute power. Adding a management account facilitates security and audit aspects, keeping non-prod and production environments secure and high available even during an audit process or security tests.

DNX One accounts topology HDL

Continuous Delivery:


  • Application build
  • Application Docker Build and Push to ECR
  • Application ECS Blue-Green Deployment using AWS Code Deploy
  • Automatic deploy to QA / Staging
  • Automatic deploy to production with manual approval

It is worth to mention that during the whole project, DNX executes transfer knowledge sections with DNX AWS certified professionals to Law of the Jungle. DNX believes that is the right way to build a healthy relationship with customers and partners.

Some of the AWS Services provisioned:

  • AWS Elastic File System (EFS)
  • System Manager
  • CloudTrail
  • Aurora Cluster
  • Cloud Watch
  • Code Deploy


To help LOTJ with the knowledge management challenge, after AWS foundation phase and knowledge transfer sections with DNX team, the company has started to have all the knowledge in the code, reducing time on on-boarding of new team members.

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Our current focus areas are AWS, Well-Architected Solutions, Containers, ECS, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Service Mesh and Data Solutions (movement, transformation, lakes, warehouses and analytics).

We are constantly hiring cloud engineers for our Sydney office, focusing on cloud-native concepts.

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